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Skating classes

We believe that regular physical activity relieves stress, refocuses one’s mind and helps children learn more effectively. Skating classes form an important part of the curriculum and are conducted for children of Primary One to Grade 9.

Aerobics and Fitness Sessions

We believe that children need to be physically active and aerobics is a fun way to get them to exercise. Special Aerobic trainers with specialized equipments train our children.

Computer Lab

To update our students with technology, computer classes are conducted from Primary One. Our full-fledged Computer Lab is well equipped with the needed infrastructure.

Dance & Music classes

Children learn new things like sounds, words n patterns through music and with dance they can explore and control their body movements. Music and Dance sessions form an important part of our co-scholastic curriculum.

Swimming Classes

Swimming is an important life skill that helps to strengthen entire body muscles. Special Swimming Sessions are conducted for children of Primary One to Grade 9.

Drawing, Art and Craft Classes

Drawing and craft classes are conducted on regular basis to make the children explore their creative mind, develop their fine motor skills and make the more expressive.

Life Skills Training

Life Skills are an important stategy for promoting social and mental health of children. It also develops self confidence and emotional intelligence among children. We focus of life skill teaching, right from a tender age so that each one is aware of ideal social behaviour.